The Importance of

Solar Panel Maintenance

Why is Solar Panel Maintenance
so important?

Proper upkeep offers numerous advantages, including extending the lifespan of your devices, achieving higher efficiency, and quicker returns on your investment. At First Solar, we consistently underscore the significance of maintaining solar panels in optimal condition.

Our proficient technical service stands ready to promptly service your system and address any issues that may arise.

What's involved in maintenance?

Solar panel maintenance primarily involves regular inspections of various components, panel cleaning, and the replacement of any damaged or deteriorated parts.

These tasks are essential to ensure the flawless functioning of your solar setup, and to maintain peak performance levels with the consistent delivery of maximum electricity output.

What causes

A prime example of performance decline arises from the lack of panel cleanliness. Neglecting cleaning can result in an 8% reduction in efficiency. Conversely, with regular cleaning, we can ensure efficiency loss remains below 1%.

solar panel

Don’t wait for a dip in performance before addressing it. Proactive maintenance is the key to enhancing the ongoing efficiency and durability of your installation and its components.

While you can handle certain tasks independently, our team is here to manage other maintenance tasks on your behalf.

As each installation is unique, we will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance breakdown tailored to your specific set-up and circumstances.